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Louise Angeline Franck

Louise is my grandmother. She is the younger of Fanny (Chevrolet) & Louise Franck's two children; the older is her brother, Arthur Henry Franck. Both were born in Brooklyn, N.Y. (1910 and 1907). She married my grandfather, the mystery Hungarian Alexander Pinkusz (naturalized to Alexander Smith), in 1934; my mother appeared shortly afterward.

6 Catherine-Rosalie BAURON Pierre-Joseph MAHON Marie-Anne CORBAT Laurent-Victor CHEVROLET Fanny & Louis
Fanny & Louis Franck, 1906
Wedding Day
Fanny & Louis Franck
Fanny & Louis Franck, 1942
Anna Catharina RODRIGUEZ Guilielmus Josephus COLLETTE Josephine JONKHEER Judaens Josephus FRANCK
=? =? =? =?
5 Marie-Anne Angéline MAHON
b.3 Oct 1850 — d.1916
Marie-Anne Angéline MAHON

Joseph Felician CHEVROLET
b.1853 — d.1901
Joseph Felician CHEVROLET
Louise (Ludovica) COLLETTE
Antwerp, Belgium
b.26 Oct 1860 — d.14 Mar 1938
Louise Collette RODRIGUEZ
John Baptiste FRANCK
Antwerp, Belgium
b.27 Apr 1856 — d.11 Feb 1933
John Baptiste FRANCK
=? =?
Bonfol, Switzerland
b.31 Jul 1881 — d.1959
Fanny Chevrolet

Antwerp, Belgium
b.12 Aug 1881 — d.Sep 1960
Louis Franck
= 3 Mar 1906
Arthur Henry FRANCK
b.18 Aug 1907 — d.22 Aug 1990
= 23 Dec 1933
Margaret MUNN
Louise Angeline FRANCK
b.16 Jan 1910 — d.1974
= 11 Aug 1934
Sándor KOVÁCS → Alexander SMITH
Arthur Henry Franck Louise Angeline Franck, 1912 Louise Angeline Franck, 1917 Louise Angeline Franck, 1920 Louise Angeline Franck, undated Louise Angeline Franck, 1930
Arthur Franck in uniform 1912 1917 1920
Pilgrim Play
Undated 1930
Douglass College

Arthur Franck, Fanny (Chevrolet) Franck, Louise Franck, Marthe Chevrolet Louise & Arthur Franck, ca 1912 Fanny (Chevrolet) Franck, Marie-Anne Angéline (Mahon) Chevrolet, Marthe Chevrolet, Louise & Arthur Franck Arthur & Louise Franck and family
ca 1912
Arthur Franck
Fanny (Chevrolet) Franck
Louise Franck
Marthe Chevrolet
ca 1912
Louise & Arthur
Fanny (Chevrolet) Franck
Marie-Anne Angéline (Mahon) Chevrolet
Marthe Chevrolet
Louise & Arthur Franck
ca 1914
Arthur, Louise & Franck family
Arthur & Louise Franck Arthur Franck, Alfred Chevrolet, Louise Franck, Charles Chevrolet M. Navelle and Franck family, Plainfield, New Jersey Arthur, Helen?, Louise and Louis Franck
Arthur & Louise
ca 1917
Arthur Franck,
Alfred Chevrolet,
Louise Franck,
Charles Chevrolet
M. Navelle, Louis, Helen?,
Fanny, Louise & Arthur
Plainfield, New Jersey
Arthur, Helen?, Louise & Louis Franck
Louise Angeline Franck Katie, Louise, Margaret & Fanny, 1942 Louis & Fanny (Chevrolet) Frank, Kathleen, Margaret & Louise (Franck) Smith, 1951 Arthur & Margaret, Louise & Alex, Fanny & Louis
Wedding Day?
Oct, 1942
Valley Stream, NY
Katie, Louise,
Margaret & Fanny
Louis & Fanny (Chevrolet) Frank
Kathleen, Margaret &
Louise (Franck) Smith
Arthur & Margaret
Louise & Alex
Fanny & Louis
Ian Geoffrey Macky and Louise Angeline Franck, Nov 1971
IGM and Louise
San Diego, Nov. 1971

Unidentified child (Louise Angeline Franck?) Unidentified child (Louise Angeline Franck?) Unidentified child (Louise Angeline Franck?)
These photos are unidentified. Who is this? Louise?
They are from my mother's side of the family, Franck/Chevrolet.