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Finish Work

I'm doing things out of order. Some finish work took place inside, yet the outside still isn't sided, and the north side is completely unfinished. Yet still, getting the toilet working was #1 priority so I don't have to take the trailer to town to dump it anymore. Trimmed around the linoleum floor with ¾" × 3½" red oak, with a piece of ¾" quarter-round on top, finished with semi-gloss spar urethane. Toilet is a Toto; it has the best flush around, never fails!
Toto toilet Toto toilet
Ready to Install Behold the Throne!
To finish the chimney I bought a 2'×2' sheet of mirror-finished .024 stainless steel. Since I knew the chimney wasn't dead center on the ridge, I made cardboard templates for the two sides and trimmed them to fit. The SS was too thick to shear, so the templates were used to mark the outlines, which were then cut out with a Dremel and many cut-off wheels. Slow and tedious and I went through a couple dozen wheels, but it was precise and no-distortion. Screwed them to the ceiling, peeled off the plastic wrap from the perty side, and finally the scaffold can come down (after cleaning and polishing the chimney).
Chimney trim templates taped to stainless steel blank Chimney trim pieces cut out Chimney trim installed, blurry close-up Chimney trim as seen from the floor
Templates on Blank Trim Cut Out Trim Installed View from Floor
There are only two built-in lamps. The other light switches control wall plugs. Over the round kitchen table is this Danish Modern piece, bought used on eBay. I had planned to use two more of the same in the kitchen, but it's required the main kitchen fixture be fluorescent only, and these pendants can take any sort of medium-base bulb, so I had to change plans. The kitchen now has a fixture made by Precision Architectural Lighting, made to fit the spacing of the roof electrical chases.
Danish modern lamp
Danish Modern Lamp