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Maps: Demo Globe World Region Country State: US|CA|AU

 Mercury  mercury Skin
 Venus  venus Skin
venus2 Skin
 Earth  amroad American roads
bmarbl Skin (cloud-free)
cafaults California faults
cashmere Voyage of the Cashmere
cities World cities
cloudy Skin (cloudy)
dahlgren Dahlgren Shoreline File
etopo2v2 2' World topo/bathymetric
gtopo30 30" World topographic (old)
gmtopo30 30" World topographic (new)
landmask World land mask
mwdb3 Micro World Databank III
pdeNN USGS epicenters (NN=1950s etc)
plates Tectonic plates
srtm3ch SRTM 3" topo (Switzerland)
tiny Tiny world coastlines
uscnty U.S. counties
wdb3 World Databank III
wfb World Factbook
 Luna  luna Skin
lola16 1/16° topographic
 Mars  mars Skin
 Jupiter  jupiter Skin
 Saturn  saturn Skin
 Uranus  uranus Skin
 Neptune  neptune Skin
 Pluto  pluto Skin
 Space  galaxy Galaxies
messier Messier objects
yalebsc Bright Star Catalog

Unpacking: Tarballs (.tar) are usually compressed with bzip2 (.bz2). Unpack them inside a PAT runtime tree (/usr/share/pat for Unix, /pat10 for DOS, or add -r dir if elsewhere); files will be placed in the subdirectory data/body where body is mercury, venus, earth, etc. Data is distributed as plain text (when possible), along with a makefile (.mak) to compile it to PAT's binary format (when appropriate). Viewing: Dataset: pat -a dataset -D or "data dataset; add dataset; draw" • Skin: "image skin; add bg skin; draw" • Example:
# cd /usr/share/pat
# bzcat /wherever/dataset.tar.bz2 | tar xvf -
# make -f dataset.mak
% pat -a dataset -d x11 -D