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Public domain region maps in two color schemes:

North America Map South America Map Europe Map North America Map South America Map Europe Map
High-contrast black background and oceans for emissive displays. White background and traditional light blue oceans for printing.
reg_blk.tar|zip: All 73 maps in black (~62MB)
reg_blk2.tar|zip: ½-size (~28MB)
reg_blu.tar|zip: All 73 maps in blue (~62MB)
reg_blu2.tar|zip: ½-size (~28MB)


Northern Hemisphere Map Southern Hemisphere Map Eastern Hemisphere Map Western Hemisphere Map
Northern Southern Eastern Western
Polar Regions

Arctic Map Greenland and Iceland Map Antarctic Map
Arctic Greenland
and Iceland

North America

North America Map Alaska and Aleutians Map
North America Alaska and Aleutians
Canada Map Northern Canada Map Western Canada Map Eastern Canada Map Hudson Bay Map
Canada Northern Canada Western Canada Eastern Canada Hudson Bay

Continental United States Map Western United States Map Central United States Map Great Lakes Map Eastern United States Map New England Map
Continental US Western US Central US Great Lakes Eastern US New England

Middle America Map Central America Map Caribbean Map
Middle America Central America Caribbean

Greater Antilles Map Lesser Antilles Map Virgin Islands Map
Greater Antilles Lesser Antilles Virgin Islands

South America

South America Map Northern South America Map The Guianas Map Southern South America Map East-Central South America Map
South America Northern
South America
The Guianas Southern
South America
South America


Europe Map Northern Europe Map United Kingdom and Ireland Scandinavia Map Baltic States Map
Europe Northern Europe UK and Ireland Scandinavia Baltic States
Western Europe Map France and Benelux Map Benelux Map
Western Europe France and Benelux Benelux

Southern Europe Map Mediterranean Sea Map Eastern Europe Map European Russia Map
Southern Europe Mediterranean Eastern Europe European Russia


Levant Map Middle East Map Arabia Map Western Asia Map Persian Gulf Map
The Levant Middle East Arabia Western Asia Persian Gulf
Black Sea Map Sea of Marmara Map Caspian Sea Map Central Asia Map Asian Russia Map
Black Sea Sea of Marmara Caspian Sea Central Asia Asian Russia

South Asia Map South-Central Asia Map Southeast Asia Map East Asia Map Japan and Korea Map
South Asia South-Central Asia Southeast Asia East Asia Japan and Korea


Africa Map Northern Africa Map Western Africa Map Ghana, Togo and Benin Map
Africa Northern Africa Western Africa Ghana/Togo/Benin
Central Africa Map Eastern Africa Map Rwanda and Burundi Map Southern Africa Map
Central Africa Eastern Africa Rwanda/Burundi Southern Africa


Atlantic Ocean Map Indian Ocean Map Australia and New Zealand Map Oceania Map
Atlantic Ocean Indian Ocean Australia and
New Zealand
Melanesia Map Micronesia Map Polynesia Map
Melanesia Micronesia Polynesia