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World Databank III
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The original World Databank II (WDB2) is a vector dataset produced in the 1980s by the CIA. It includes world coastlines, rivers, and political boundaries, and has over five million points. WDB3 is my updated version, with political boundaries and reservoirs as of 2010, plus many other corrections (mostly to topology), and a place-name index. To use, convert the text data files to PAT's binary format using the included Makefile (make -f wdb3.mak), or use autotools (autoreconf; ./configure; make; make install).

Current version is 1.5, dated 16 May 2015.
Data: 34,549 segments and 5,787,206 points.
Index: 4,902 entries (7,675 including synonyms).

This data is public domain.

See the data page for unpacking instructions.

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wdb3-1.5.tar.bz2 27.4 MB 122.4 MB