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World Factbook
WFB example map 1 WFB example map 2 WFB example map 3
wfb • The CIA's yearly World Factbook provides information about every country in the world. There is nothing else like it, and it's the source for PAT's basic country information, and can be used for choropleth maps such as the example above. The WFB is released only as HTML, so those pages are scraped to produce XML, which is transformed with a stylesheet into a simple tabular format. The DTD is invented, and may expand to match WFB additions. Poke an eye (eye) to see the XML.

This data is public domain.

See the data page for unpacking instructions.

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wfb2005.tar.bz2 0.6 MB 2.6 MB eye wfb2005.xml.bz2 0.7 MB 4.6 MB
wfb2008.tar.bz2 0.7 MB 2.9 MB eye wfb2008.xml.bz2 0.8 MB 5.0 MB