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28 Nov 2018
New map of the United Arab Emirates. UAE is harder since there's been a lot of recent coastal development (the Palm Islands etc), so up-to-date public data is lacking. You'll see on this map that the OSM data is more recent, leading to some roads appearing to extend into the water. 2400×1760 (full-size) GIF plus ½-size, ¼-size, and ⅛-size (the thumbnail shown). Data used: PAT Public Domain map of Andorra

1 Oct 2018
Currently working on PAT v1.2 and a new set of public domain maps. Here's the first country map: Andorra. 1800×2200 GIF (8-bit color) or PNG (24-bit color), plus ½-size, ¼-size, and ⅛-size GIFs (the thumbnail shown). Data used: PAT Public Domain map of Andorra

11 Jul 2015 Several of the blue regional maps were produced wrong in the last update (the black ones were OK); they've all been fixed now. The code bug that caused it and the QA process that passed them have also been fixed.
30 May 2015 Enlarged and added transportation and cities to regional maps:
16 May 2015 Regional map/data changes:
4 May 2015 Updated Canada province/territory maps using the new improved GMTOPO30 [Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010)] in place of the old obsolete GTOPO30.
2 May 2015 More regional map changes:
11 Apr 2015 More regional map changes:
21 Mar 2015
5 Mar 2015
14 Feb 2015
3 Feb 2015
17 Jan 2015
3 Jan 2015 Two changes:
  • Released WDB3 V1.2
  • Updated regional maps again: higher resolution DEMs, higher-contrast coastlines, various small changes.

26 Dec 2014 Corrected region maps and added 3 new ones:
Melanesia Map Micronesia Map Polynesia Map
Melanesia Micronesia Polynesia

18 Oct 2014 Updated US State Maps: added railroads and revisited labels and shields.
3 Oct 2014 Clickable world map

20 Sep 2014 Finished more world maps: Blue Marble (cloud-free surface appearance), and false-color maps using ETOPOv2 for color and hill shading. Three versions are provided: single-piece Robinson, and two interrupted, one to show land, the other sea. Here's an example of each:
pat world map using Blue Marble surface color, hill shaded with ETOPO2v2 pat world map with false coloring and hill shading from ETOPO2v2

16 Sep 2014 Finished a basic political world map with colored contries. The Robinson projection was chosen as best overall (for world maps). There is one size only, 4200 × 2160. Options are the usual black/blue color schemes, and country labels (none, ISO code, or full name). Here is the blue map with full labels:
pat political world map

29 Aug 2014 Finished a set basic world maps in many permutations (public domain, as always). Four projections were chosen which best kept the familiar shape of continents, worldwide:
Baranyi IV world map
Baranyi IV
Robinson world map
Winkel II world map
Winkel II
Winkel III world map
Winkel III (Winkel-Tripel) φ₀=40°

  • black or blue ocean
  • all-white land or colored continents
  • hill shading
  • hydrology (lakes, rivers, salt pans)
  • political boundaries (land/sea)
  • graticule (over/under land)
Each map is made in three sizes
(links above are to the large size):
  • small (540 pixels high)
  • medium (2× or 1080 high)
  • large (2× again or 2160 high)
Next: more world maps (colored countries, with and w/o labels), blue marble, etc.
10 May 2014 More country map corrections: Still mostly working on WDB3 corrections in support of upcoming world maps.
3 May 2014
  • East-Timor (TP) changed to Timor-Leste (TL)
  • Minor updates to country maps: ae, ag, ao, ar, ba, be, bh, bj, bo, bs, bz, cc, cl, cr, do, eg, et, fm, fo, gd, gf, gh, gi, gl, gq, gp, gs, gu, gy, hm, hu, ie, ir, jm, jp, lv, my, na, nf, ng, om, pe, pf, pg, ph, pm, pw, sa, sj, so, tg, tr, tt, and ws.
  • Presenting working on world map series. After that, I will be making animated GIFs of rotating planets.

9 Apr 2014 Updated country maps (PAT 1.2, currently in development, was used for these):
  • 30% larger (by area), except for a few very small countries which I don't have finer detail for; largest countries increased 50% or more.
  • All land now hill shaded (not just primary country).
  • Transportation network (roads and railroads) for all but the smallest countries.
  • New color scheme, gentler on the eyes and with consistent grayscale levels for better printing.

4 Feb 2014 Finished Australia state map series:
3 Feb 2014 Next two maps in Australia state series:
31 Jan 2014 First three maps in new Australia state series:
22 Jan 2014 Finished Canada province/territory map series:
18 Jan 2014 Next two Eastern Canada province maps:
15 Jan 2014 First two Eastern Canada province maps:
7 Jan 2014 Last two Western Canada province maps:
5 Jan 2014 First two Western Canada province maps:
1 Jan 2014 Started new Canadian province series. First, Northern Canada:
23 Dec 2013 Finished United States state map series.
18 Dec 2013 Final three Eastern United States state maps:
15 Dec 2013 Next three Eastern United States state maps:
10 Dec 2013 Next three Eastern United States state maps:
3 Dec 2013 Next four Eastern United States state maps:
28 Nov 2013 Next four Eastern United States state maps:
23 Nov 2013 Next four Eastern United States state maps:
18 Nov 2013 First three Eastern United States state maps:
16 Nov 2013 Final two Central United States state maps:
14 Nov 2013 Next five United States state maps (almost done with Central US):
7 Nov 2013 Next six United States state maps (first in Central US):
25 Oct 2013 Started new series of U.S. state maps, free/public domain like always. I am releasing them in bunches, as they get done; first are the 11 Western states:
15 Oct 2013 MWDB3 1.1 released; data now in both PAT text and original .PNT binary formats.
13 Oct 2013 PAT 1.1 for Un*x released.
27 Sep 2013 PAT 1.1 for DOS released. Minor corrections to a few country and region maps.
3 Jul 2013 Version 1.1 is still in progress: working on the test suite and fixing bugs. In the mean time, here's an improved version of the projection sampler, which is meant to be viewed half-size.
29 May 2013 Coding of version 1.1 is done, but I am still working on packaging and release. All country maps have been reworked with much more detail (including 3" SRTM topo), and all 238 entities with an ISO country code are now mapped. There are 46 new regional maps. All maps are released into the public domain (I am about the software, not the maps; the maps test the software and ensure "fitness for a purpose").
20 June 2011 Dataset lola16: Lunar DEM at 1/16° resolution from the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) instrument onboard the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter (LRO).