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America Fine Specimens of an Aboriginal Race of America Remnants of an Ancient Race of Hunters On the Threshold of a Voodoo Temple, Haiti Island An Ever Open Door Volume One (America) Thumbnail Gallery
Africa Mongo Tribesman and His Wife in the Forest The Lady of Perfect Fashion in the Upper Congo Backwoods Spearman and Battle-Axeman in Magic Warpaint African Gladiators: A Wonderful Somali War Dance Volume Two (Africa) Thumbnail Gallery
Asia Buddh Gaya: Buddha's Holiest Place Camera-Shy Brè Girls Afraid of Black Magic Light-Hearted Aborigines Enjoying Dance and Song Tripping Toes Keep Time With Steady Tramping Feet Volume Three (Asia) Thumbnail Gallery
Europe The Matador, Gorgeous in Coloured Satin and Gold Natives of the Bleak Though Beautiful Land of the Lapps In a Cottage Courtyard on the Island of Moon (Muhu) How the Runo Islanders Celebrate a Marriage Volume Four (Europe) Thumbnail Gallery
Oceania Nose to Nose and Hand to Hand in Courteous Salutation A "Blackfellow" and His Family Settled Down to Farming Life Maids of Honour of a Samoan Village "Taupo" Observance of Strange Rite Among Youths of Buka Island Volume Five (Oceania) Thumbnail Gallery