Tesla Coil
Tesla Coil construction progress (10/19/2003)
October 19, 2003: NST filter/safety gap installed and low-amperage wiring finished. Next is high-amp wiring for the tank circuit. More views: Left Back Right
NST Protection Filter/Safety Gap October 12, 2003: Finally finished the NST Protection Filter/Safety Gap, of "Terry Filter" design. Here's an overhead view. It's standoff overkill with the vintage Johnsons and all; they're just for looks. Next: low-voltage assembly, then build the primary (changing to a pancake design) and finish the tank circuit.
Dual TCBOR/RQ cylindrical spark gaps August, 2002: Second RQ-style cylindrical static spark gap completed. They're connected in series with a piece of 2" flat copper ground strap. Next: NST protection.
Tesla Coil in progress: Primary Coil supports July, 2002: Work in progress: the primary coil support is done, just need to attach the secondary support base and finalize wire routing before attaching the ¼" copper tube conductor. I'm using four old Pyrex RF standoff insulators to support the ½" strike rail.
TCBOR/RQ cylindrical spark gap #1 is complete July, 2002: 6" PVC TCBOR/RQ-style spark gap #1 finished, now need to make its twin. 6 gaps at 0.028", potted so they should stay put through many thermal cycles; wooden insulating legs, 2" center acrylic tube keeps airstream to sides where it's needed for quenching, instead of wasting it up the middle.
Navy Surplus Arrow-H&H switch, 100A 500VAC June, 2002: Brought back this Arrow-H&H switch from Washington. It's Navy surplus, and doesn't appear to have been used. That's a little household wall switch next to it for scale. Yes, it makes a major clunk when switched. Rating: 100A, 125-250-500 V.A.C.
Beginnings of a Tesla Coil June, 2002: The First Tesla Coil has Started! The major parts so far:
  • 15,000V, 60mA France NST (Neon Sign Transformer) [installed on the wood wedding-cake frame]
  • .0124uF (ideally 0.01uF), 140KV (overkill!) noname Maxwell pulse capacitor [sitting on the floor]
  • 1.4KVA Powerstat autotransformer
  • 226cfm Mechatronics UF15P12 AC tube axial fan [for quenching the spark gap]
  • The beginnings of a TCBOR/RQ-type cylindrical static spark gap.