The Logo of The Man -- "For Me, For Thee, For All" Man

A Real Shaver.--The Boston Post gives an amusing sketch of an original genius, by the name of Samuel Putnam Flint, a medical student from Salem, who got into the hands of the Boston Police, one day last week, on suspicion of having stolen an agate snuff box, and an alabaster dove, from the store of Mr. John Clark, in Washington street. The box and dove were found in his possession, together with some very singular memoranda, from which it would seem that he has been for some time carrying on a system of general plunder, with great method and success. One of these is in the words following:--

"Things to do in Boston.
Things to see or visit.

    Athen. Gal.-- Athenæum-- Museum F. Arts, and get prints.
    N. E. Museum day and night-- investigate everything-- get things.
    Get violin strings gratis at various stores.
    Exchange ever-point pen. for round tight one.
    Call at Conchol. and Geo. col. store, Tremont st.-- get every thing.
    Visit Horticultural room, and see every thing, and get things.
    Visit Statuary in School street-- get all I can!
    Wash head, ears, neck.
    Get some prepared chalk and clean teeth.
    Cut nails-- fingers and toes.
    Get handsome case inkstand-- gratis.
    Call at Stone's store, and take things, or see him.
    Call on the Secretary of American Temperance Society, and get Report, and see about joining.
    Refer to card, and call on all Societies, and join!
    Get oranges, lemons, candy, oysters, cakes.
    Get large size calfskin pkt bk-- g--s.
    Get some pocket hdkfs-- gratis.
    Get some gloves-- g--s.
    See when Lauriat ascends.
    Visit every auction room in the city-- inquire for violin bridges and flute.
    Visit every auction room in the city-- inquire for clothes of all kinds.
    See what hours Mrs. Stone has breakfast, dinner, and supper.
    Get all the numbers of M'Dowalls's Journal.
    Call at Marsh, Capen and Lyon-- get books, first rate-- g--s.
    Get some pen knives, 1st rate-- g--s.
    Get Secrets of Females, and Nun'rys Discovered."

    On the day after his arrest a lady at whose house he had boarded, seeing an account of the circumstances in one of the papers, gave notice to the Police that he had left two trunks in her charge; these were opened and found to contain an omnium gatherum including the following items:
    Books of all kinds, some very valuable, a large number religious, plaster casts of Venus, phrenological busts, &c.; new umbrellas, walking canes, musical "fiddle strings," Dutch pipes, fur cap, new harmonicon, combs, pins, magnifying glasses, hose, hdks., gloves, jewellery, 1 pkge. tickets to Cartoons of Raphael, pkgs. black sand, bottle of cologne, smelling pistol, green curtain, pieces polished marble, new boots, jack knife, small brass padlocks, inkstands, sand box, dickeys, stocks, tailor's measure, India rubbers, brushes, prints, including 9 copies of the crucifixion on royal drawing paper, soup tureen, containing a paper of gingerbread and some eggs snugly packed in meal, a piece of liquorice, and an old lady's night cap, and "various other things too numerous to particularize"-- all new.
    Another of the memoranda contained the following hints to be carried into performance as leisure and occasion permitted.

    Call at Carter's and Hendee's, and get books gratis.
    Visit Bailey's female high school-- scrutinize.
    Call on Worster in State Prison, and get copy slips.
    Get books from library-- valuable.
    Proceedings and reports of various benevolent societies.
    Visit the room of obscene prints.
    Visit the rehearsal at the Bowdoin street church.
    Go to the theatre once.
    Call and see Adam and Eve.
    Visit the Athenæum, examine every room and thing.
    Get all the coins I can find.
    The N. E. Museum night and day-- criticise and get every thing I can.
    Visit Maelzel's Exhibition between 11 and 1.
    See where the Female Advocate is published.
    Get books exchanged.

    He was held to bail on various charges made by those persons who were able to identify their property among his stores, in the sum of $900, which it was expected would be much enlarged, as new claimants and complainants made their appearance.
    The Salem Register states that he is well known in that town, and that his conduct has for a long time been strange and eccentric, indicating partial insanity. It is very probable that his head is not altogether right.