Japan and Korea pat Northern Africa

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Public domain maps of Africa:


238 countries (~45MB): cc_black.tar|zip

73 regions (~62MB): reg_blk.tar|zip
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Free, public domain map of Africa
½-size above or full-size.
Free, public domain map of Africa
½-size above or full-size.

238 countries (~45MB): cc_blue.tar|zip

73 regions (~62MB): reg_blu.tar|tar
½-size (~28MB): reg_blu2.tar|zip

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Morocco Map Algeria Map Tunisia Map Libya Map
Morocco Algeria Tunisia Libya
Egypt Map Western Sahara Map Mauritania Map Mali Map
Egypt Western Sahara Mauritania Mali
Niger Map Chad Map Sudan Map Eritrea Map
Niger Chad Sudan Eritrea
Senegal Map The Gambia Map Guinea-Bissau Map Guinea Map
Senegal The Gambia Guinea-Bissau Guinea
Sierra Leone Map Liberia Map Côte d'Ivoire<br>(Ivory Coast) Map Burkina Faso Map
Sierra Leone Liberia Côte d'Ivoire
(Ivory Coast)
Burkina Faso
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Congo DR Congo Uganda Kenya
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Zambia Malawi Mozambique Madagascar
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Namibia Botswana Zimbabwe South Africa
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Lesotho Swaziland
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Middle East
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Northern Africa
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Eastern Africa
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Atlantic Ocean
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Southern Hemisphere