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Sea Dayak
Orang Bukit (Klemantan) Woman
Sea Dayaks tattoo stars and rosettes on the breast and shoulders, and wear rings in the lobes and studs in the shells of their ears, and a hook design on the throat

Instead of wearing ear-rings, Orang Bukit (Klemantan) women drive a wooden plug through the lobes of their ears and cap it with a boss of silver filigree
Ukit of the Rejang
Kayan man
Ukits of the Rejang tattoo extensively. A bold hook pattern covers the chest, and a pattern known as the lizard adorns the sides of the shoulders. They wear brass earrings Every Kayan perforates the shell of his ears, and after he has been on the warpath and taken heads with his own hands, he thrusts through each the upper canine tooth of a tiger cat