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Fine Specimens of an Aboriginal Race of America Remnants of an Ancient Race of Hunters On the Threshold of a Voodoo Temple, Haiti Island An Ever Open Door Brought to a Quiet Haven Where the Summer Calm of Charity Perpetually Reigns Identification Badges in Peru Scarlet Stripes that Spell Danger A Head-Hunter His Most Prized Possession "The Man with the Hoe" Agriculture has not Greatly Advanced Since the Inca Era Warraw Indian Bucks Playing Their Shield Game Taking the Count: Defeated but not Disgraced Juan Fernandez: Erstwhile Resort of a Famous Privateer Easter Island: The Puzzle of the South Pacific Macusi Housewife Busy in her Light and Airy Home Ancient and Modern Mingle in the Guiana Huntsmen's Armament Rude Shelter That Makes Home to the Indian's Wife "Here Upon Guard Am I!" Self-Satisfied Vanity A Lake Dweller Women of the Marquiritare Tribe In Workaday Garb Conservatism in the Backwoods Cyclopean Stairway to the Fortress of Sacsaihuaman Outer Wall of the Temple of the Sun at Cuzco Amazonian Hunter Proud of his Metal Spear Handy Housewife Who Makes Her Own String Bags After Recklessness Regret Gods That Have Gone Balling Cotton in a Settlement of Venezuelan Aborigines Making Arrows: Primitive Pastime of a Primitive People Idyll of the Pampas: Gaucho Sweethearts Exchanging Mate Cups Yahgan Woman Making Medicine Charms A Belle of the Quichua Tribe Riding Pillion on the Pampas of Argentina Children of the Wild Who Have been Tamed in the Argentine Chaco Scene of Slaughter on an Argentine Ostrich Farm A Hunter of the Land of Fire Mother and Daughter in Patagonia Overloading the Burden Bearer in Patagonia Group of Stalwart Patagonian Indians in Front of their Family "Toldo" "Schoolgirl" from the Amazon District The Cheerless Homestead of the Andine Indian A Good Type of Bolivian Indian Indian Women Keeping Shop at the Door of their Adobe Hut Troupe of Professional Women Dancers Ready to Perform at the Wedding Feast Roll-Call of Paint-Covered Human Whirligigs for an Amazonian Festival of Dance Extraordinary Feathered Headgear Worn by the Indians of Lake Titicaca on their Religious Feast Days The Gravely Sober Dancing of the Gauchos in Front of their Sunbaked Home Hired Women Labourers Returning from the Tobacco Plantations in Brazil One of the Most Ancient Monuments in the Western Hemisphere An Amazonian Brave in Gala Attire Lengthy Cigar of a Tukano Indian Strange, Sensuous Snake Dance of Amazonian Girls Onetime Savages Who Now Are Peaceable Citizens Quaint Regalia of Columbian Indian Men Who Walk as Trees Among Their Fellows Ecuadorians in Native Homespun Spinsters Married and Single "Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds" in Dominica as Elsewhere Hostages of Fortune Whose Lot is Not Too Happy in an Indian Toldo of Paraguay Thatch Residence of the Chief of the Talamancas Fallen From Their Forebears' High Estate Negress Traders Bargaining in the Market Place Vulture of the Mexican Marauders Wild Humanity on its Guard Indian Manhood: A Study of Jivaro Physique Strongbow of the Paraguayan Wilds Shouldering the Family Burden in British Guiana "Golden Rain" of Dancing Sounds from a Mexican Marimba Woman of the People of Martinique Artificial Angels of Ecuadorian Religious Ceremonial Singing the Spanish "Song of Songs" Children of Nature at Home in the Hinterland of Guiana Spiggoty Women at the Washtub in Panama City Mounted Fish-Spearman of the Chaco Out After Wild Fowl on the Banks of the Pangoa River Comeliness and Colour in a French Colony Toba Dandy in Festal Garb Lengua Woman of Paraguay Water-Peddling in Cuzco Richly Clad in Sealskin Nimrod of the Pampas No Monk, Despite the Cowl Dark-Eyed Daughter of Latin America Crossing a Peruvian Stream by Cable-Car Peaceful Chiefs of the Once Warlike Tribes of Darien Peripatetic Wicker-Work Shy Campa Adolescence Arrowsmith and Fletcher Sweet Music Charms Intervals of Leisure in Panamá Indian Bucks Dressed for the Dance in Darien Open Market on Panama Beach Music in the Solitude Three Men of the Large-Footed Tribe Survivors of the Old Charrua Race of South American Indians