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Mongo Tribesman and His Wife in the Forest The Lady of Perfect Fashion in the Upper Congo Backwoods Spearman and Battle-Axeman in Magic Warpaint African Gladiators: A Wonderful Somali War Dance The Last Scene: The Dusky Victor Appeals to Cæsar A Dangerous Beauty in Sullen Mood One Black Flute to Two Black Tambourines and a Drum The Way They Play Draughts in the Sahara This black beauty has decorated herself to attract her chief's favour Greatly he loves his ivory hairpins in his chieftain headdress... By her style of hairdressing, with bladed hairpin of ivory... This wild borderer has himself made his long, uncomfortable ivory lip pin... Supper is Ready for Her Man and Children Women Grinding the Corn They Have Grown Armour of Plaster a Guarantee Against Sickness and Witchcraft Moslem Women in Native Dress How the Face Veil is Worn Mixture of Costume Sudanese Youth and Beauty Proud Masculine Mother of Fighting Men Magical Methods for Locating Spirit of Sickness in Ankole Sacred Milk for Bunyoro's Sacred Monarch Mistresses in All Arts of Fascinating Men Nomad Maid of the Mill Preparing Couscous Fashionable Headdresses of Young Nigerian Belles Three Zafimaniry Graces Challenge Admiration Earthen Vessels Growing Under Betsileo Potters Thumbs Plaited Mats While You Wait New Clothes, Old Fashions Babies They Leave Behind Them Sakalava Girl Gaudily Dight Taimoro Dame in Plain Attire On The Threshold of Life and Death Native of the Duala District Practising His Trade Negro Music-Makers Searching for Elusive Melodies Fleeting Glimpses of Feminine Charms "New Women" on the Warpath in Cairo This Ngombe chief displays a strange scar arrangement... This grotesque face pattern in ridged flesh is known as a "full rasp". She is a perfect Congo beauty. The ancient cross, known as the swastika, scarred upon this woman's back... Courtship Dance of Girls and Men of the Western Gallas Open-Air Instruction in the Old and Newly Victorious Faith Imposing Figure Cut by an Ovra Dancer in Full Regalia Dulcet Tones of the Valiha Antanosy Lady of Fashion Scar-Adorned Congo Girl In Straitened Circumstances Proud of a Quaint Coiffure Slave Woman of the Border Black Beauty of Monrovia Workaday Equipment of Watutu Woman Beauty Concealed Within the Storeyed Court of a Moorish House Mane-Crowned Lion Killer Lion-Spearer and Man-Hunter A Minion of the Law Savagery's Blunted Blade Grotesque Terrors That Confront a West African Youth on the Occasion of His Coming of Age Artistic Originality in Shilluk Coiffure Musical Instruments Possessed with Supernatural Powers Slave in the Bondage House of Fashion Black Psyche and Her Woodland Mirror Native Method of Fish-Catching on a Nigerian River Tillers of the Mealie Fields Wiles and Ways of the Moorish Woman Camel-Borne Palanquins for Arab Women in the Desert Light-Hearted Kaffir Boys Indulging in a Concerted Song and Dance Little Men Who are Held in Great Esteem as Hunters "Wireless" in the African Wilds Human Pelican in the Wilderness Masai Women at Southern Guaso Myiro, Kenya Colony Sloping Causeway Leading to the Cliff Tomb of Mehenkwetre and to the Secret Closet Beduin Woman of Tunis The Faith of the Crescent Fuzzy Wuzzi Woman of the West Hauling Two Tons of Hippo Meat Home to their Village Protecting Cage for the Precious Indigo Hausa Woman Trader Descendants of the Prophet's Tribe Pretty Shawia Women in the Mountain Town of Menaa Congo Potentate Presents a Small Selection From His Harem of 1,000 Wives A Ju-Ju in its Sanctuary Protects an Abbam Chief Tar-Brushes that Blacken Old Barbary A Heavy Responsibility in Africa Mausoleum of a Native Plutocrat in the West African Bush Bundu Initiates of the Mendi Country Singing Their Weird Chant in Supplicating Position Boys Bringing Back the Dinner in the Tanganyika Land of Game Smiling Personification of Happiness Beauty Judged by Fancy Headdress Debutante Returns From Bundu Bush to Home Life Gipsy Children in Encampment Provided by Nature Aged Beau Brummel of Cameroon Tutelary Deity of Fanti Village in Wassaw Scions of an Old Fighting Stock Zandé Spearmen in the Close Battle-Order that made Them the Terror of Congo and Sudan Kru Hunter Out After Big Game Child Shepherdesses of the Bisharin Tribe Descendants of a Famous Race of Antiquity Sturdy Southerner of Madagascar Sons of the Sahara Under French Rule Shilluk Town Belle Adorned with Fancy's Bijouterie Malagasy Equilibrists Made Perfect by Practice Zouia Woman and Child at Buseima French Equatorial Africa: Singing Death-Dance of the Cannibal Zandé Tribeswomen Braves of the Tanganyika Frontier in the Trappings of War Women of a Fine Mahomedan Burlesque Disguise of Basuto Girl-Brides Porcupine Quills as an Aid to Beauty Rif Warrior of North Morocco Armed Children of the Old South-Eastern Forests Superman of the Nubian Desert Modern Cushites Sudanese Grace Daughter of a Great African Nation Esa Village Beauty Displays Home Industry One of the Defenceless Chattels of the Human Mart Eastern Runners Clear the Road for the Carriage of the West Camel Carriage Surviving the Incursion of the Motor-Car Women Making Fuel From the Sweepings of the Streets Followers of an Ancient Handicraft Engrossed in their Toil Far From Happy Results of Compromise in Costume Feminine Dignity Enhanced by Graceful Drapery Leviathan Slain Provides Leather for Commerce Willing Little Children Helping Mother to Get Dinner Mother and Child: A Sculptor's Group in Living Ebony Tunisian Womanhood's Ornamental Charm Negro Minstrels in All its Primitive Cleverness The Shop Cave in the Wall and its Reason Coiffure making stage 1 (Combed out in preliminary stage) Coiffure making stage 2 (Parted ready for plaiting) Coiffure making stage 3 (Half of it plaited and tied) Coiffure making stage 4 (Plaits tied and coiffure completed) Plump and Personable Dame Inseparable Companions To Speed the Coming Guest Discomfort of Fashion Young Village Brides of the Volta District Handsome Women of the Formidable Zulu Race Zulu Builders at Work Upon an Eligible Family Residence Punctilious Religious Avoidance of a Mother-in-Law African Royalty Viewed in the Intimacy of Private Life Homestead of Conservative Tribe in Bahr-el-Ghazal Devote of Islam When the Warrior Smiles Typical Beduin Womanhood Rickshaw Man in Durban Madagascar's Most Wide-Spread Village Industry Weaving Mats From the Peel of Feathery Sedges Women of the Harem Shopping in Climbing Algiers Oriental Grace and Culture at Home in Morocco Young Maids of Italy in the Old Town of Tripoli Wild Grace Leashed in Silken Scarves Country Cousins Enjoying a Rare Visit to Town Native "Omnibus" in a Street of Old Cairo One of the Homes of Black Justice at Kano Medicinal Herbs Warranted to Kill or Cure The Kikuyu ... stretch their ear-lobes with weights and jampots Buffalo headdress of Masai dandy... A Masai woman must never detach the rings from her ear-lobes... Kikuyu warrior with earlobe cylinder The Loveliest Village Maid Dressed to Lead the Dance Witch Doctor of Darkest Africa and His House of Fear Sudanese Sacrificial Dance: Preparing Victim for Its Doom Final Stage: Sacrifice Completed and the Gods Appeased Sudanese Dancing Troupe Giving Exhibition of Their Art Fairy-Footed Sirens of the Desert Dance the Sword Dance How Malagasy Ladies Go Swinging Down the Ways Fashions in Coiffure Affected by Hova Women Where the Housing Problem is Speedily Resolved Two Hours After Beginning the House is Finished Strength in Dusky Tresses Bezanozano Beauty's Braids Prepared for the Slave Trade Adorned for Marriage Hunters Returning from the Chase on the Shore of Africa's Longest Lake Poor Sport for the Faint of Heart: Canoeing on Bangweolo's Reedy Swamps How They Used to Carry Out Executions with Pomp of Wizardry and Terror in Congoland Painted Ladies Observing Fashion's Dictates in Kukuruku A Negro Nero in Full Panoply Sweet and Pensive African Insensibility to Pain Odds and Ends of European Habiliments Enhance the Rhythmic Gestures of the Dance Tunisian Daughter of Ishmael Danga, an Overlord of the Mangbettu, with his Body Maids Native Charm Free From Gloss Of Art Family Contentment Within the Sphere of the Home Moment of Doom: a Life in the Hollow of the King's Hand Moment of Doom: a Life in the Hollow of the King's Hand Christian Converts in the Great Lakes Region A Christian King and His Only Wife Snake-Charmer in Tunis Exhibiting His Influence Over the Immemorial Enemy of Mankind African Masterpiece in Beautification Keen-Faced Tribesmen of the Congo Forest Master-Musicians Performing on Gourd Piano The Most Famous Beard in Congoland Chief Who Desires to Complete His Civilized Way of Life by Christian Polygamy Ouled Naïl Beginning Her Strange Dance of Passion Fair Type of Desert Enchantress Bride's Cavalcade in an Egyptian Wedding Procession Enigmatic as Her Native Egypt Tripolitan Modesty Stealing to the Mosque Beaded Beauty of the Desert By Special Appointment to the Sultan Art Serves Religion: Dahomian Sculptor Carving a Fetish Here Lies One Who in His Life was Honoured of the Betsileo People Personal Adornment of Fondong Warrior "After You!" — Masai Belles Surveying Their Own Charms Putting the Finishing Touches to a Coiffure in Natal "Beauty" Dearly Bought Grotesque Pygmy Hunters of the Welle, Aiming Their Poison Arrows Black Giants of Abyssinian Nileland Magnificent Headdress of Awka Woman Girl Goatherds of the Bishârîn Race Indian Influence on Malagasy Dress Native Valour Enhanced by Discipline Trumpeter of the Mangbettu Court and His Carven Horn Witch-Doctor in His Wizard Panoply Big-Game Hunters of the Logo Tribe in the Welle Rain Forest Concerted Motion That Strikes Terror Into the Heart: A Zulu Impi Performing the War Dance Descendants of an Ancient Warrior Race of the Sahara Buttered Beauty of the Negroid North Handsome is as Handsome Does Wielding the Fly-Whisk at a Baker's Shop Pomp and Circumstance Attending an Arab Wedding in Egypt Grotesque Masks and Fantasy that Garb the Devil Dancers Snake-Like Coiffure of a Zulu Belle