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Buddh Gaya: Buddha's Holiest Place Camera-Shy Brè Girls Afraid of Black Magic Light-Hearted Aborigines Enjoying Dance and Song Tripping Toes Keep Time With Steady Tramping Feet Survivals of Prehistoric Man in the Andaman Islands Andamanese at Archery Practice at Port Blair Ritualistic Bathing in the Sacred River Godavari He Won't Be Happy Until He Gets Out Of It! Fakirs of India and Their Ashen Countenances Bare Feet and Red-Hot Cinders at a Festival in Madras Members of a Black Meos Tribe with Characteristics Trinkets Young Couple of a White Meos Tribe in Full Dress Women Worshippers at Temple of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha Infidel of Persia In a Turcoman Camp of North Khorassan Passing Puffs Patriarch of the Sarts and His Son Sweet Strains from Street Singers Strolling Players in a String Duet A Ghastly Record Almost Insupportable Portable Stocks Siamese Cattle-Thief Under the Yoke Strolling Menagerie and Its Turbaned Trainers Swift and Sinuous Cruelty Burning in the Pard Hindu Cremation: Scene at the Burning Ghats, Calcutta Performing the Last Rites for a Hindu Brother Chief Mourners Watching the Burning of the Funeral Pyre In the Kingdom of Shades and Silence "A Whacking White Cheroot" Gentlewomanly Grace Woman of the People A Study in Black and White India's Magic Mango Tree India's Magic Mango Tree Charming the Venom of the Folded Snake Floating Home of Beggar Family at Nanking A Midday Meal on the Yang-Tse-Kiang Sturdy River Boatwoman Manning the Oars of Her Craft Members of China's Enormous Floating Population Decorous Dress of a Lady Manchu Dame of High Degree Victim of a Cruel Custom An Emancipated Young Lady Frankness and Freedom Among Semi-Civilized Laristan Nomads Well-To-Do Lady of Iran Taking an Afternoon Siesta Persian Women in the Privacy of Restricted Surroundings Hindu Penitents in the Pursuit of Spiritual Perfection Sivaite Priest About to Perform the Daily Cult at a Shrine Homely Tasks Before a Humble Maha Dwelling Low-Caste Indians' Pathetic Indifference to Comfort To Heights of Learning Bred Arab Witchery Unveiled Tribal Stamp of Debutante Young Atayal "Eligible" Trinkets to Outwit Evil Ainu Girl's Tattooed Lips An Arab Aristocrat Decorative Fashions of Nepal Before the Madrasah Ulug Beg in the Square of Samarkand Rhythmic Dance of Sarikolis in Their Characteristic Garb Burly Members of an Eastern Pastoral Tribe Nomads from the Steppe-Land of Western Turkistan Arms and the Man as Seen in South-Western China Long-Haired Lasses of South-West China Gentle Votaress of the Gentle Jain Religion Sorrow's Sympathetic Shade Straw Shoes For Sale Faithful Service Irrepressible Mendicity Saintliness with Snake-Like Halo Ex-Sultan's Eunuch Turkish Lady in Indoor Costume Type of Atayal Belle Mixture of Island Fashions Young Chinese Spinster Happy Though Married Karen Bachelors Basking Outside Their Eve-Less Home A Lively Quintet of French Indo-China The Hour of Recreation for the Pupils of the Bonze Shinto Procession at the Festival of Hollyhocks at Kyoto Imperial Chariot on a Tour of Visitation to Shinto Shrines Isle of a Goddess, Where No Woman May Dwell Degenerate Professors of a Once Pure and Lofty Religion Playing a Popular Game in the Pamirs: The Scrimmage Picking Up the "Ball" in the Hazardous Game of Baigu After the Fray: The Smiling Victor and His Prize Methods of Ceremonial Lustration as Practised by Moslems Street Market Scene in a Decorative Old World Setting Where the Newar Craftsman's Fancy is Cut in Immortal Stone Sacred Stone Effigies of a Decayed Forest Sanctuary Where Buddha Sleeps the Dreamless Sleep of Nirvana Characteristic Adornment of the Vonum Mountain Savages Fantastic Millinery Which Covers a Warrior's Frame Pahari Woman Engaged in a Toilsome Task Turcoman of Persian Territory Shepherd of a Nomad Tribe Following a Black Profession Sikh Priest Blithe Maidenhood in Ceylon Highland Beauty Unadorned A Street Quack Where the Hood Makes the Doctor Lined By Life, Not By Years Favoured Feminine Adornment Intelligent but Credulous Beauty in Complete Disguise Pariahs at Home in a Village Near Madras Men Adapted to the Mastery of Acrobatic Feats An Allurement Which Few Celestials Can Resist Restful Leisure that Tempers the Hours of Toil Smiling Young Faces Fronting a Background of Graceful Palms Wrapped in Quiet Contemplation of Holy Writ Reading the Koran in the Mosque of Ahmed The Pauper Hurried to His Grave, "Unwept, Unhonoured, and Unsung" Down the Rough Steps to His Final Resting-Place Eggs of Yesterday Keeping Fresh in Earthenware Jars "This Little Pig Goes to Market" in Chinese Fashion How Hook-Swinging is Done Superstition's Willing Victim Hook-Swinging in the Madura District of Madras in Honour of the Goddess Mari-Amma Hook-Swinging in the Madura District of Madras in Honour of the Goddess Mari-Amma Where Youth and Pleasure Meet in Beguile the Glowing Hours of a Laotian Noontide On Secret Service: Afghan Beggar Spies in an Indian Bazaar Laotian Girl in Her Teens A Lady of the Land of Frankincense and Myrrh Cage of Death in a Lonely Pass Two Fighting Tartars of Nij Armenians of the Persian Border Type Priestly Mendicants of the Simla Highlands Asceticism Carried to Extreme Hindu Devotee Prostrating Himself Before a Shrine of the Sacred Cobra Wild Men of the Woods Simple Grace of Sarong Clad Malay Girls Bride and Maids Borne in State Through Streets of Pekan Sturdy Wives of a Pygmy Race Traditional Figures of Cambodia, Indicative of the Pomp and Power of Its Sovereign Coats Cut According to Cloth Elaborately Garbed Actresses in a Triumph of Posture Poor Relations of the Burman: Red Karens of the Hills Forest Dwellers in the Jumbled Hills Relic of Aboriginal Demon Worship Squalid Discomfort of Padaung Village Life Crying for the Moon Youthful Chinese Tricksters Deserves a Flea in His Ear High-Class Wedding Ceremony in Progress in the Land of the Rising Sun Fine Type of the Ceylon Moormen The Terrible Prison in the Ameer's Lovely Palace Grounds Soldierly Little Women Who Live on Wooded Heights The Old Order Gives Place to the New Sisters of a Remote Tibetan Nunnery in Wigs, Beads and Bracelets Malay Type of Turbaned Cham Woman Stolid Sons and Daughters of Tibet's Far Mountains Archery in the Wilds of the Orient Dusky Children of the Formosan Forests Savages Who Can Sing the Japanese National Anthem Swarthy Trio of Formosan Aborigines Hindu Barber at Work in the Native Quarter, Crater, Aden Sakai Nose Pipers Perform a Duet Troupe of Itinerant Dancers Performing to the Music of Tomtoms in the Streets of Aden Gilyak Woman Happily Burdened Where Civilization is Slowly Banishing Barbarism Men of a Marauding Naga Tribe in War Trim Smiling Beauty of the Wilds Hardy Ascetic at Benares Piously Indifferent to a Couch of Nails Masks and Trumpets That Go Before a Procession of Lama Dancers One of a Large Company of Saints Wayside Piety at a Buddhist Shrine in Cambodia Chinese Women and Policemen in a Street of Peking Devotion's Every Grace Displayed Primitive Homestead of a Formosan Head-Hunter Members of an Atayal Family at Home Atayal Girls Near Their Mountain Home Wild Moi Women's Ear Lobes in Dangling Degrees of Beauty An Armenian Family Under Patriarchal Rule Armenian Maids at School or Persecution a Spur to Education "Alms, For the Love of Allah!" Medley of Races in the Centre of Azerbaijan Abor Grace Undraped in the Service of Agriculture Pilgrim Who Measures with His Body Two Hundred Miles Wonderful Official Dress of Kandyan Chiefs Practical Garb and Footgear Fire Worshipper of Yezd Shrouded Iranian Womanhood Modesty Grotesquely Masked Neatness Severely Plain Little Son of Mine Bricklayer Plying His Trade Camel-Breeder of Tehama Glimpse of Animal Life While Travelling Near Udaipur Match of Wits Between a Desert Warrior and a Town Arab Lonely Anchorite of the Mountains and His Rude Cell Annam Mandarins Worshipping Their Emperor's Ancestors Head Knocking to the Memorials of the Imperial Ancestors Consulting the Fortune-Teller at His Humble Seat of Custom Chinese Chess Players at Their "Game of War" Lazy Malays Take Much Pain in Tilling the Soil Stately Measured Movements of Malay Dance Young Kling Female Impersonator Though Mixed, A Highly Decorous Measure Venerable Magician of Sin-Kiang and His Young Adept Toiling Straining Coolies Draw the Junk Over the Rapids Imprisoned Annamese Pig Crossing a Flooded River to Market An Easy-Going Garment Much-Moneyed Man of India A Kajaman Lady of Quality Blue-Blooded Son of India Correct Use of Jambiäh Coin-Decked Maternity Engaging Malay Girl Aged Eastern Ecclesiastic Mongol Charms Where the Glory is in the Crowning White Karens Gathered On Their Grand Staircase Hazara Sepoy and His Son Chief Abbot of Siam Market Woman With Her Basket Yoke Nepalese Mother and Child Meos Damsel of the North Exorcists of Malignant Devils Prayer from the Minaret Patrician Lady of Tibet Ready to Carry Anything Caspian Able-Bodied Seaman A Member of the Miao Clan Princess Nicotine Beauty of Womankind in a Land of Bloodshed Feathers and Fins: Cormorant Fishing at Tungchau Quaint Basket Boats Used From Immemorial Times Unhappy Annamese Committing a Sacrilege Against Their Tiger God Professional "Tight-Rope" Walkers of the Formosan Highlands Two of the Soyot Tribe Inhabiting the Mongolian Frontier Frocks and Frills in the Northern Shan States One of the Twelve Gateways of Persia's Capital City Entering Kazvin by the Grandiose Teheran Gate Veteran Upholder of the Principle of Cause and Effect Musical Methods That Never Fail to Excite Generosity Group of Hindu Ascetics Sunk in Silent Meditation One of the Difficulties of Driving in Bengal Privileged Priest Versed in the Sorceries of Shamanism A "Smooth-Faced Gentleman" An Afghan Sport Making a Merry Noise Personable Ainu Manhood Dark Eyes and Bright Robes of Araby Bearded Priests of Samaria's Ancient Sect Sightless Eyes that Claim to Foresee the Future People to Whom Civilization Means Extinction Grave and Reverend Seigniors of Kabul When the Muezzin Calls from the Tall Minaret Lordly Indolence Beside the Stream of Life High Caste Tamil Women of Jaffna Nuns and Lay Sisters of a Nunnery of Tibet Crowning a Korean Bride with Good Luck at Seoul "There is Always Time for Courtesy" in Japan Group of Yezedi Women Pedlars from Mount Ararat Religious Ecstasy Running Riot in the Fast of Ramadan Ignorant Superstition Increases the Sorrow of Travail Arab Woman and Half-Breed Children of the Red Sea Coast Deccan Jazz Band Ready for Action The Privileged Animal of Hinduism Dayak Youths Engrossed in a Cocking-Main At Grips: How Kayan Wrestlers Take the Hold Sea Dayak Orang Bukit (Klemantan) Woman Ukit of the Rejang Kayan man Beaded and Tattooed Beauties of the Kalabit Tribe Tuskers Taking Baggage Up to the Hills Klemantan of Baram District Pure-Bred Kenyah of Borneo Woe to the Vanquished!  The Victors' Dance of Triumph Kayan Women Resting From Work in Their Rice Field Pretty Shell Embroidery Mullah of Mahomedan Persia Charging a Pig with a Message to the Gods Luckless Laziness in a Persian Seminary Pays the Penalty by Undergoing the Bastinado Mode of Punishment Well Versed in Mountain Brigandage One of the Laws of the Medes and Persians that Altereth Not Dayak Belle Encased in Brass and Silver Balancing Feat of a Wandering Acrobat Ash-Smeared Fakirs Who Flourish on Village Credulity Hints of Departing Youth Gates that Never Close to Faith Native Bearers of Nepal with Their Dandy Ladies-in-Waiting of a Nepalese Court Clad in the Silken and Fine Raiment of Their Calling Acquiring "Legal Purity" in the Shadow of a Mosque Mongol Maiden from Sakhalien Island Lady of Anatolia Siamese Villages and a Grass-Roofed Village Dwelling Masked Lamas Costumed for the Devil Dance, A Religious Observance Sometimes Lasting Three Days Shinto Symbolism of Ancient Origin Mendicancy Adopted in the Name of Vishnu Bearded Sheik of a Palestine Village Bride Invested with Modesty and Bridegroom with Authority Germ-Fearless Drawers of Water from Old Tigris Turkish Woman of Smyrna Somali Housewife of Aden Smoking the Weed that Soothes Pipers of Lahej Executing a Serenade Jail-Birds Under Lock and Key in the Native Prison of Lahej Professional Performers in Public and Religious Ceremonies Bright-Eyed Dancing Girls Bearded Like the Pard Lamaist Priests of Sikkim and Their Wondrous Robes Israel Under the Crescent Smiling Kirghiz at the Door of Their Temporary Abode Beduin of the Syrian Desert Armed Against Adventure Picturesque Dress of Syrian Arabs Within Her Red Wedding Chair the Bride Goes to Her New Lord Coiffure and Hat Combined Eastern Exponent of Euclid, the Father of Geometry Piety of the Woman Pilgrim of Persia Trio of Wedded Wives of a Persian Nobleman Priest and Members of His Household at the Noonday Prayers Charms from Royal David's City Inflated River-Craft of the Himalayan Hindu Happy-Go-Lucky Child Vagrant Followers of the Prophet of Allah Worshipping in the Great Mosque at Delhi Quaint Freaks of Fashion that Please Mongolian Wives Prince of the Mongols in Imperial Garb Trappings that Beset a Mongol Princess Men of Mongolia Versed in Mysterious Lore Primitive Forest of Wild Moi with All the Inhabitants Arrayed in Full Dress Sociable Sprites of the Himalayan Pasture-Lands Savage Teaching His Son Archery Martial Dignity in Old-Time Splendid Panoply Specimens of the Korean Hatter's Art My Lady's Dress in Korea Priestly Servitors of Korea's Fading Faith Tattooed Lady at Her Loom Ainu Aristocrats Arrayed for a Festive Occasion Adoration of Jizo, Patron of Travellers and Little Children Widow's Weeds in Hokkaido One of the Wonders of the World: China's Great Wall "Fanatics Have Their Dreams" Where Matters are Ended as a Man is Befriended: Witnesses Kneeling in a Chinese Law Court Feathered Death from the Archer's Hand Skilled Accomplishment of the Versatile Hungus Manchurian Ladies and Their Flower-Decked Headgear Robed in the Raiment of Authority Beduins Rolling Up Their Black Tents and Changing Camp East of the Dead Sea One of "The People of the Camel" Sorrowful Labour Amid Petra's Ruins of Joy and Splendour Among the Rank and File of the Mongolian Population Modern Descendant of Jenghiz Khan Centaur of the Wild Eastern Plains Commercial Folk of the High Regions of Nepal Street of Holy Lhasa, City of Mystery and Disillusion Woman Devil-Worshipper of Mount Ararat Tangled Draperies That Form an Image of the Fearsome Snake-God