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South Gable

Now that the south side overhang is up, I was able to paper the gable end. What a relief to keep the weather off those SIP panels! I'd like to paper all the sides first before siding, but the rain, sun and wind will gang up on the tar paper and ruin it-- so it's a section at a time. South gable comes first, and it will be covered with half-round (fish-scale) Hardishingle. These shingles are a pain: the pattern is punched out of hardiboard which leaves a horrible edge, you need to trim them to remove the bits that didn't punch off cleanly, and finally wire-brush all the punched edges to clean off the swarf.

South Gable Papered Needs Trimming Rough Edges Started Strip
South Gable Papered Needs Trimming Rough Edges Starter Strip
First two rows of Fishscale (half-round) Hardishingle Round window rough opening FlexWrap'd Round window in crate Round window installed
Two Rows of Fishscale Opening FlexWrap'd Round Window in Crate Round Window Installed
More flashing Laying out round window trim First piece of round window trim Three round trim pieces to make a circle
More Flashing Laying Out Trim First Trim Piece 3 Pieces to a Circle
Round window trim installed Five rows of Hardishingle installed Eight rows of Hardishingle installed Only peak left
Trim Installed Five Rows of Fishscale Eight Rows of Fishscale Only Peak Left
Hardishingle installed all the way to the peak
Finished to Peak