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Nose to Nose and Hand to Hand in Courteous Salutation A "Blackfellow" and His Family Settled Down to Farming Life Maids of Honour of a Samoan Village "Taupo" Observance of Strange Rite Among Youths of Buka Island The Home of the Islanders' Gods The Land-Gods' Homage to the Powers of the Sea On the Trail of an Imaginary Foe At Bay!  Critical Moment in the Dance Awaiting the Approach of Piscatorial Prey Conical Cages for Unsuspecting Fish On the Shore of the Rubiana Lagoon "The Hottest Island in the Sharkiest Water in Melanesia!" Evolution of Dress Among the South Sea Islanders (Before) Evolution of Dress Among the South Sea Islanders (After) Stolidity and Pensiveness at Household Drudgery Captain of a Company of Cannibal Fighting Men Kalinga Blouse in Brief Glittering Gaudiness Sturdy Womanhood of Benguet Wife of a Wild-Man Chief Coast-Dweller of Davao Gulf Bagolo Warrior Dandy Fearsome With Filed Teeth Mandaya in Western Modes Olive-Skinned Eve of a Terrestrial Eden "Take Your Places": Tahitians in the Upa-Upa Dance Happy Hands That Clap in Merry Unison Symphony of Arms in a Performance of the Siva Dance Arunta Tribesmen of the Central Waste Preparing a New Corroboree Final Ordeal by Roasting in the Initiation of Young Beards into Tribal Secrets Sunday Costumes: Combination of Ancient and Modern Java Youth and Age Handsomely Accoutred for a Native Dance Smiling Mothers and Their Woolly-Headed Brood Men of a Tribe of Sinister Reputation Paddling Her Own Canoe in Harbour of Port Adam Bamboo Waterpots of Salt Water Traders Young Sea-Lords of the Admiralty Islands Monster Deep Sea Fish Trap of New Britain Maori War-Paint Earth's Most Splendid Savage Powder and Paint are Society's Ornaments on Simbo Island On the Threshold of Manhood Ritual of Arunta Ant Pole Real Weeds for Widows Doyen of an Up-River Tribe Emu Man Performs the Totem Magic for Edible Bulbs Sunshine Falls on Bride and Bridegroom in Samoa at the Outset of Their Married Life Fish-Faced Weed-Robed Celebrants of Ghoulish Rites Man and Wife of a Balinese Village in the Dutch East Indies Men's Bonnets in New Guinea Jewelled Dandy of Papua Shapely Madurese Maidenhood Trinkets and Titivation Voluntary Vapulation for Past Defaulting Tortured to Exhaustion Kicked Prostate as a Last Humiliation in the Flagellants' Easter Penance Searching a Tree-Grave for Evidence of a Wizard Murderer When the Tree-Grave Period of Burial is Over Warramunga Burial in White Ant-Hill for Reincarnation The Mystic Arm-Bone is Prepared for Totem Rites "How Sadly Our Cannibal Feasts Have Degenerated!" Maori Amazon and Her Carven Club Jovial Maori Who Laughed and Grew Fat Feathered Tresses, Deftly Parted, Frame Smiling Faces Troupe of Juvenile Players Maintained by a Native Chief of Bali, One of Holland's Far Colonies Piping a Simple Melody Capable Womanhood Busy on Samoa's Main Home Industry Exercising the Profession of His Ancestors A Fighter to the Backbone High-Class Contentment in Santa Cruz Dressed for a Dance in the Admiralty Islands Sunshine and Shade Run Riot Among the Silent Rows of Coral Monuments in this Native "Haven of Rest" Warramunga Man's Proud Disfigurement Releasing Young Initiates From the Ban of Silence Fruitful Source of Bets Among the Wager-Loving Javanese One of France's Overseas Liegemen Portable Restaurant Equipped Even to the Fire New Fashions in the New Hebrides Old Kaitish Woman Knocking Tooth Out of Young Girl to Make Her More Attractive Playground of the Gods in the Centre of a Village Notorious for its Cannibal Feasts Hebe of the South Pacific "Shock Troops" That Strike Terror Into the Heart Men of the "Never Never Land" in Totem Attire Marquesan Fashion in Hatpins Good Wizard of the Kakadu Tribe Sucking Evil Magic From a Sick Man One of the Blacks Who Owned Australia Before the Whites Came Society Belles of a Society Island Island Chiefs' Artistic Badge of Office Where the Heart's Vanity is Displayed Formidable Weapon of Samoan Warrior Black Giants of the North-West and Their Gigantic Catch Chocolate-Tinted and Frizzy-Haired Women and Girls of the Tropic Bush Country Radiant Refinement of High Life on Bali Island Arunta Tribesman of the Central Desert Dejection and Degeneration in a Javan Opium Den Hang Up Your Baby in a Strong String Bag Bright-Beaded Adornment Woman of the Subuanos Ilongot Forest Beauty Beads, Braid and Tattooing Fair Daughters of a Handsome Race Well Groomed Delegates to a Papuan Conference Grief for the Dead Shown by Hempen Halters Young Ladies of Rigo, Dressed in All Their Best