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Yale Bright Star Catalog
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yalebsc • "The Bright Star Catalogue (BSC) is widely used as a source of basic astronomical and astrophysical data for stars brighter than magnitude 6.5. The catalog contains the identifications of included stars in several other widely-used catalogs, double- and multiple-star identifications, indication of variability and variable-star identifiers, equatorial positions for B1900.0 and J2000.0, galactic coordinates, UBVRI photoelectric photometric data when they exist, spectral types on the Morgan-Keenan (MK) classification system, proper motions (J2000.0), parallax, radial- and rotational-velocity data, and multiple-star information (number of components, separation, and magnitude differences) for known nonsingle stars." —Wayne H. Warren Jr.'s README

You can get an older, stripped version here. It has 9010 records (the latest has 9110) and a subset of the fields: RA, declination, magnitude, type, spectral type, letter, constellation and name. The full dataset is available from the CDS in Strasbourg.

See the data page for unpacking instructions.

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