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Lunar DEM (LOLA)
Lunar DEM example map 1 Lunar DEM example map 2 Lunar DEM example map 3
lola16 • this topographic Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was derived from data returned by the Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA) instrument on the Lunar Reconaissance Orbiter (LRO) ca 2010. Resolution is 1/16° (3.75' or 225"). Cell values were changed from half-meter to meter. The original data is available at the LOLA Data Archive, which also has LOLA DEMs in 1/4°, 1/64°, 1/128°, and 1/256° resolutions. Included in the tarball as lola16.doc is the original .LBL file which describes the original .IMG data.

Produced by Gregory A. Neumann of the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.

See the data page for unpacking instructions.

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lola16.tar.bz2 1/16° 18.8 MB 31.6 MB